The subscription rates for membership of are highly competitive by industry standards. In fact, considering the number of members we have at any one time, the resulting likelihood of finding that someone special, and the general quality of the website and service offered, membership of represents outstanding value for money!

To make the cost of membership of our class-leading dating website, and what you can expect from it, as transparent as possible, we have put together the following information. (If you have further questions regarding membership of, you can always call our UK-based customer support staff on the Freephone number at the top of the page.)

1) What’s free and what’s not?

It is free to sign up as a ‘Basic member’. This means that you can: Create your profile; Upload a photo; Search for others members; Create your favourites list; View other members’ profiles and photos; See which other members are currently on line; Send ‘winks’ to other members; Send your first ‘Icebreaker’ message to multiple members.

In order to use the rest of the functionality of the site you will need to become a ‘Full member’, for which a (very reasonable!) subscription is payable. Most importantly, this will enable you to: Send and receive email messages to and from any members you choose, and chat online with members using the instant messenger function. As a full member you will also be able to: Add multiple photos to your profile; See who's looked at your profile; Use the Video chat function; Create and watch video profiles; Create and read dating diaries. You'll also receive an email if someone adds you as one of their favourites, winks at you, or sends you a message.

You can upgrade from Basic membership to Full membership by accessing 'My Account' when you login.

2) What does it cost?

The subscription rates for full membership of are as follows, with a longer period of membership resulting in a lower monthly cost:

Period of Membership


Equivalent monthly cost

1 month (30 days) £37.00 £37.00
3 months (90 days) £65.00 £21.67
6 months (180 days) £99.00 £16.50
12 months (365 days) £139.00 £11.58

3) Why is there a charge?

Quite simply, it is not possible to provide a high quality dating website and service without also charging for full membership of that service. is a leading dating website and provision of the website entails employing dedicated teams of IT professionals to create and maintain the website, as well as continually develop it for the future. We must also employ staff to moderate the website and vet new members for the safety and security of all members. Finally, to provide a suitably high level of help and service to our members, we employ a team of UK-based customer support staff. All of this costs a lot of money, but is necessary and worth it for the end result!

4) But aren’t some of our competitors free?

In our experience you get what you pay for. Most ‘free’ services don’t turn out to be free after all, it’s just that the costs are hidden until later. The few low quality free services out there are likely to represent a poor experience. Their websites will have very limited functionality. Their websites are also likely to be completely un-moderated, thereby exposing the user to scammers posing as members, and the possibility of threats such as malicious software secretly infecting the user’s computer. There will also be no customer support to speak of if you have any problems.

Other than scammers, free websites are likely to be populated by people who are only looking for very casual relationships, or those who are not really that bothered whether they find anyone or not. If however, someone is paying to be a member of a website, it shows that they are likely to be serious about looking for a genuine and lasting relationship.

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