Here are just a few of the stories of couples who have found love through Single50s:
  • Richie & Louise

    "This is a picture of me and Richie taken last night in Chester.
    I contacted Richie when I saw his video diary on the Single50 dating site. It was the first one I clicked on and I chose his because he was holding a guitar!
    He played a bluegrass song and I love bluegrass. It is so unusual to see someone who likes bluegrass music and when I looked at his profile I found he had many interests that I have too. I sent him a message and he replied the next day.
    We discovered that we had been attending the Conwy Bluegrass Festival for the last few years on our own and as it was only 4 weeks away we agreed to meet up at the festival and attend together this year.
    We emailed for 4 weeks and it got very intense as we realised we had a similar outlook in life. Our hopes and aspirations were the same.
    We finally met and we clicked immediately. We have been inseparable ever since.
    We have talked about the future and both of us firmly believe that our future will be together.
    Its rare to meet someone who is so intune with you and we are very overjoyed to have met."

  • Stephen & Amelia

    I won’t bore you with an in-depth love story. I just wanted to say: thank you Single50s!
    After being a member for 6 months I finally found the woman of my dreams. No, really!
    I never thought it was going to happen – in my forties, single and never married, I was losing hope fast. But on Single50s there were an amazing number of nice women within a short distance of Reading, my home town. And then I found Amelia. She’s everything I could hope for in a woman and more – kind, thoughtful, funny and sexy.
    If you’re reading this and not signed up already, then my advice is this: Do not delay, do it today! I’m hardly the best looking guy in the world and if it can work for me, it can work for you.
    Stephen H

  • Robert and Kate

    "Both of us have been single for some time and we both decided to give Internet dating a whirl. We had both met several people from the site, Kate my new partner, had been a member for about eight months and I had been on for about three months. And as with so much in life we found some nice people and some that we just didn't gel with at all. Then one evening I was looking at the "Who's Online" page and saw a lovely looking woman (a blonde of course - I prefer blondes) so I had a quick look at her profile and thought she sounded great. So despite her being way out of my league I summoned up courage and wrote her an introductory message and crossed my fingers. To my surprise she responded the same evening and immediately we started a delightful and hilarious exchange of messages on the chat system and after just a few evenings I asked if I could speak to her by phone. Her phone number appeared on screen in a couple of seconds and I quickly dialled the number. A few days later we arranged our first date. We both have a very playful nature and we decided that our alter egos would be secret agents making a rendezvous under The Bridge of Sighs in Oxford. We met under the bridge and exchanged our recognition codes concerning the weather in Moscow in February (I know it's bonkers and I am 54!). Anyway we went for a meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant then for a couple of glasses of wine and had a fabulous evening. We clicked. More dates and chats followed and we decided that we ought to really give it a go! So we've been on holiday to Egypt and spent a few days living it up in five star luxury in France as well as spending Christmas together. And we're madly in love.

    Regards, Robert and Kate"

  • Clare and Adam

    I have to admit, I took some convincing at first. I hadn’t exactly grown up with the internet, but my daughter nagged and nagged me. ‘You should try internet dating’ she said, ‘its mainstream’ she said, ‘Everybody does it now’ and so on.
    I think really though, it was the: ‘You don’t want to be on your own for the rest of your life, do you?’ that was the one that really hit home. I like my independence but the thought of that was secretly quite frightening.
    So, with a little trepidation, I signed up to Once I learnt how to use the site (much easier than I thought it would be), I had to say Wow! There are so many nice men out there!
    After chatting to a good number using the messenger function, I exchanged numbers with Adam and we met up. All we did was go for a drink, but we had such a good time. I don’t think either of us went into it with any great expectations (having both had great expectations dashed in past lives), and that’s probably the best way to be. But we quickly found ourselves wanting to spend more and more time together. Both living in the Midlands around 40 miles apart, this was quite possible and much fun too.
    After seven wonderful months, we talked about moving in together. We procrastinated, but in the end we thought: Life’s short, why not? So we did it! Adam’s place was bigger so I moved to be with him, and frankly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. We both still work, but in our spare time we do so much together, from walking in the local countryside to planning future holidays. From zero to real happiness in 10 months – not bad for an internet novice and sceptic, and long may it last!
    My daughter, Liz, is delighted for me, and I am even grateful for her nagging! Thank you Liz, and thank you Single50s.

  • Jean & Peter

    "Jean and I came in contact quite by chance. We had both decided that a dating site wasn't working and had cancelled our subscriptions.

    Then, quite by chance, we saw each others entries....... We both had to re-new our memberships so that we could talk!

    Anyway, once we contacted each other things really took off. We now have a wonderful relationship, and the future looks great.

    I admit it has been a bit of a whirlwind, but things couldn't be better.

    Thanks for everything,"

  • Tom and Charlotte

    I would just like to pass on my gratitude to all at Singe50s.
    I had been single for years. I went out with friends less and less as I got older and eventually lost contact with most as they moved away, got married, had children etc without replacing them with new ones. This along with work taking up much of my time and energy, just seemed to mean I never had opportunities to meet new people.
    This is why I turned to internet dating. It seemed half the country had done the same! In no time, I found several women on Single50s whom I would gladly have gone out with. I chanced my arm with a good few, contacting them through the site. Along with some expected knock-backs, this resulted in a couple of dates. I actually had two more lined up – but turned out not to need them!
    My second date was with a lovely woman called Charlotte. We went for a drink and discovered that we both loved the theatre amongst other things, and so the next weekend, we arranged to go and see Alan Bennett’s History Boys in Newcastle. The play was excellent and Charlotte was wonderful. I’ve never been so proud to be out with a woman as I was that night – so intelligent and so attractive too.
    Many nights in and out have followed since and the enjoyment has not lessened one bit – in fact it only grows more intense with each passing day. Charlotte and I are in love and contemplating a future together, and we are currently working out our next move to achieve this goal.

  • Julie and Larry

    "I have lived alone for 10 years and was just shambling to the end of a dreadful relationship (not live in) with a man who I had realised was very controlling and my self-esteem was at an all time low. So.....”What’s to lose?” I thought and investigated the site.

    I paid my subscription, posted the ubiquitous icebreaker and sat back! Gosh I had a good time! Not one for long communication by writing I set to meeting all these lovely people and felt my self esteem start to rise off the floor. One guy wrote, after our first date “to find a woman with both appeal and intelligence is rare!”.... OK so I nearly framed it!

    I decided that I would subscribe for 2 months, have some “fun” and then go back to existing alone and devote myself to my very busy job.............

    and then....... I had been talking to a guy called Larry who is 61....we seemed to have stuff in common (we both love the “Rocky Horror Show” well, it’s a start!) we agreed to meet. We drove into the carpark of a restaurant , got out, laughed and well, that was it... love!

    We had both been open about what we wanted from the site (I will leave that to your imagination!) and each thought the other did not want a relationship. Then...I texted him when I was on a date with another man as I realised that I had never had so much fun and laughter as I had had with Larry so just why was I bothering with others?

    So we met again.... following which I went on holiday with a friend and we missed each other so, when I came back he moved in.

    I love him and he loves me, I have always been a bit of a cynic but all that I can say is........long may it last! (Even though whilst I write this he is snoring away on the couch!)

    Certainly without the site we would not ever have met and so for that I am so very grateful!"


  • Susan & Mark

    Very happy campers!
    I just wanted to share with all at Single50s the wonderful news of my marriage to Mark last month at St Barnabas, Pimlico. And yes, our honeymoon was a camping trip to Cornwall! Actually it was a threesome: Mark, myself and Ursula, my fabulous 1962 split-screen VW campervan. It was a magical week; it even stopped raining once or twice! We didn’t mind or really even notice, being blissfully in love and as wrapped up in each other as we were. We still squeezed in some lovely beach walks and many nice restaurant meals.
    Wedding picture to follow!

  • Margaret & Andrew

    "I met Andrew on I wasnt even looking for a relationship with a man who lived over 50 miles away from me. He had put a diary entry on that day regarding how rude a lady was to him, who he'd held a shop door open for. I answered that entry by saying I would appreciate someone holding the door open for me & I would never be rude to them.

    I was extremely suprised when Andrew wanted to "chat" to me online, just from that comment I made.

    We struck up an immediate friendship and chatted for ages daily online.

    Our first "meeting" was at Waterloo train station in London & it was a case of "love at first sight" for both of us. We spent the whole day walking along the embankment in London & visited the "Tate Modern museum" and enjoyed each others company.

    When we parted for our seperate trains at the end of the day, it was extremely hard & we both promised to keep in touch with each other via the dating site & our mobile phones.

    Every morning I would get a text at 7am to ensure I was awake & getting ready for work & would text him back.

    Two weeks from when we first met in London, he came to stay at my home & we became inseperable. Parting was very hard at the end of the week when he had to return home to go back to work.

    We decided we couldn't live without each other. Andrew gave in his notice with his employer when he got home & three weeks later moved into my home permanently.

    He has met all my friends, family & work colleagues, who all like him. We are now engaged to be married which has made us both very happy. Life is hard at the moment as, unfortunately Andrew hasnt managed to secure employment again yet (he has made over 40 applications).

    Wedding plans are also "on hold" at the moment due to lack of money, however we love each other & are living together as if we are married so that is all that matters.

    I would recommend "" as a great place to meet people & possibly find the "Love of your life", as I have.


  • Elisabeth and Jack

    I signed up to about a year ago on the recommendation of a friend of mine.
    Prior to this, I had looked at a number of other dating websites. Some, such as seemed fearsomely complex and basically aimed at young people, and others which purported to be aimed at the ‘mature market’ had so few members. on the other hand had so many suitably aged members, both in my part of the world (Cumbria) and in general. What sealed the deal though was the comfort I derived from the site’s professional customer service, and the fact that all profiles are checked to eliminate scammers and the like.
    In no time I was contacted by a number of quite charming men, a couple in particular catching my eye. I agreed to meet them both. Whilst the first was a perfectly nice man, the ‘magic’ was not there. Then I met up with Jack. From the word go, I was charmed. He is slightly old-fashioned, but romantic and kind-hearted. Most of all though, he is fun. Having become comfortable chatting to him through the website and then on the telephone already, we were quite relaxed and so talked and laughed for what seemed like hours that first night. Six months on and we’re getting on better than ever. I can’t quite believe how my life has changed for the better since meeting Jack, it’s amazing.
    We’re going on holiday next month to Provence and I can’t wait – and to think I would never have even met Jack if it were not for
    I would say to anyone, that if you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond, and looking for love, then give this site a try, it’s brilliant.
    Elisabeth M 

  • Rowland and Cindy

    "Thanks to, we would like to share with you news of our successful marriage.

    We were both members around three years ago when we first chatted on line, meeting three months after. Through our honesty in what we were both looking for it soon became apparent that our relationship was blossoming. Holidays followed and we travelled to Sardinia, Turkey, Italy, etc, and by now we have covered ten European countries.

    Our love really grew and early this year we were married at Hinckley Registry Office. The snow started just after we got married and was horrendous yet somehow it made our day extra special. Afterwards we spent a week on Honeymoon in Fuerteventura.

    We now live in a bungalow on the outskirts of Leicester and are loving every minute of being together. Our next holiday is already booked and we are planning another 6 months after that! Life has a new meaning for both of us and we really enjoy our togetherness. We are so happy and wish to share with other members that if you really want to find someone special then good luck in your quest, because we found each other on this web site and we hope you can as well.

    Our thanks go to you and your website because without you we would not have met.

    Rowland and Cindy"

  • Jeannette and Keith

    Well here is our story. I met Keith through almost a year ago now. I chose him not for how he looked (sorry darling!) but because, from his profile and our online and phone chats, it just sounded like we had so much in common: We were both long-divorced with grown up children; In the rush of family, work and life, we had both stopped looking (but not hoping) for someone else; We both love gardening and visiting gardens; We both love Elvis!; We both hold common values and views on much of life; We both live on the South coast.
    From our initial chats via the website about gardening and life, we have now spent endless happy hours together. We spend much time in Keith’s little garden or mine. I think gardening is endlessly absorbing, but it is even more rewarding when done together with someone you love. It’s also rather handy to have someone around to do those heavy jobs which I would otherwise struggle to do on my own!
    We have visited various National Trust gardens in the South of England since first meeting, and we have also had a long weekend in the Loire Valley, visiting some of the famous chateaux gardens including the magnificent Châteaux Villandry and Chenonceau.
    Keith and I now spend so much time together that we can’t imagine, and wouldn’t want things to be any other way. We are both so happy. In fact, all being well, we are going to have a new gardening challenge in a few months time! We have both taken the decision to sell our small places and buy somewhere together with a bigger garden, which we can design, plant and hopefully spend many enjoyable hours in for years to come.
    None of this would be happening if it were not for our fateful meeting on

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